Thursday, October 14, 2010

Naptime, or,what Noah does in his room when not being supervised

Yesterday, I put Noah down for his nap as usual. He ran back and forth in his room for a good hour and a half before finally capitulating to sleep. Frédéric went to get him up after his nap... came downstairs... and asked me, "Are these the pants you dressed him in this morning?" The pants in question had tags hanging off of them.

No... no, they aren't.

Noah decided, during naptime, that the pants he was wearing were "too little" and took it upon himself to raid his wardrobe to find another pair. Isn't he resourceful and independent? (See how I framed that in a positive light? I'm working on it.)

* * * * *

Today, I put Noah down for his nap as usual. (See a theme here?) He seemingly went straight to sleep. I went to get him up after his nap... and found this.

Those are his socks on his hands. I asked him if he was cold -- he had refused all blankets at naptime, and it is pretty chilly upstairs -- but he said no. Maybe he was playing sock puppets?

* * * * *

Speaking of it being cold upstairs, I'd just like to point out that though we've had a fire in the wood-burning stove off and on for weeks, it is thanks to Noah that we can't heat the upstairs just yet. We had the foresight to cut off the electricity to all the upstairs radiators so he couldn't find a way to harm himself with his. It's a good thing we did, since he pushes his mattress up next to it to sleep, and at one point he pulled it completely off the wall.

Frédéric is going to pick up a bed frame for Noah this weekend, so we will just need to get him a mattress, and we are hoping he will sleep in his new bed, and not push it up next to the radiator, so we can start heating upstairs again. In the meantime, we are piling on the covers. Noah typically sleeps with no fewer than 5 quilts on his bed.

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