Sunday, October 3, 2010

September visits

We were happy to see some friends in September. I met Eve, my first French friend, 14 years ago when I came to France that first summer. She is now married to an American and living in Oregon, so I live closer to her parents than she does, and she lives closer to mine than I do. I am pretty sure neither of us would have predicted this 14 years ago!

Eve and her kids came to spend a month with her parents, and they came out to visit us one day for lunch.

Frédéric's childhood friend Eric & his family came over for lunch last Saturday, and spent the night. We were happy it ended up not raining so we could go for a walk in the village after lunch.

Checking out where our water comes from; a spring in the village.

And the boys (the little ones and the bigger ones) played some American football for a while.

The trees are starting to change color, and fall means one thing to us: only a month and a half until our Thanksgiving trip home. We are starting to get into vacation mindset!


Claire said...

Can't wait to see y'all.

Jordan said...

Yay! American football!