Friday, November 5, 2010

Every day is backwards day

If you are Noah and trying to avoid sleep by taking off and putting back on your clothes. He never does anything by halves, notice that both his shirt AND his pants are on backwards.

Our resident Van Gogh is going through a Cubist phase. His trash cans are amazingly realistic (bottom right, but I am only telling you that because your trash cans may not have wheels and the same type of lid as ours. If they did, you would recognize it easily).

He went back to school yesterday after 10 days of vacation - silly time for a vacation, because who does anything for the All Saints' Day holiday anyway? Wish they'd move it to the end of November for us.


Claire said...

That is amazing artwork for a Kinder-person! Lots of detail that most children do not include. Go Benjamin!

evidlaine said...

petit passage , vu les photos je pense que tout continue super bien , les enfants se donnent à coeur joie dans les activités.
gros bisous à vous tous amusez-vous bien