Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally in St Louis

We made it to St Louis Friday night without any further mishaps (although the construction that slowed us down for what felt like forever on 55-S was not much fun).

Before we left home, the weather looked like this. We figured that meant it was time to escape the gloom and fog and go on vacation.

So we were naturally thrilled to see the Arch looking like this on Saturday.

It did clear up a bit later on, but too late for us to go up to the top.

We visited the Westward Expansion museum underneath, though, and had lunch at Union Station afterwards. And we enjoyed a nice (if short) visit with our friends Mick & Alison.

Unfortunately, more mishaps showed up not long after that, when our friend who is travelling with us fell ill... followed today by Noah and Benjamin. We're hoping everyone will be better in time for our trip to Thanksgiving camp, but we aren't holding our breath...

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