Sunday, December 12, 2010

And more snow

It snowed again on Wednesday - school wasn't disrupted since there is no school on Wednesdays anyway. Thursday there was no bus service (the bus is completely useless anyway since the bus stop is a 10-15 minute walk away, so that made no difference to us) and no school lunch, but school wasn't cancelled. We did take Benjamin in, but I guess they just had a play-day since so many were absent.

Mini-snowman was feeling a bit dizzy from all the snow.
Frédéric helped the boys make a daddy-sized snowman, which Benjamin said was the grandad snowman. Benjamin was not best pleased when Frédéric made the snowman have a smiling face, because "the grandad snowman is mean."

He even got a traditional carrot nose since we neglected to ever finish harvesting our carrots before our trip.
Mini-snowman found a spiky-haired friend.
But then mini-snowman's friend got tired and decided to take a nap.
It might amaze many of you to see how little snow it takes to paralyze a country that isn't prepared for it. In St Louis, they'd have been out salting the roads the night before, and snowplows would start their rounds practically as soon as the snow started falling. Here in our area, they get snow like this (two or three inches) once or twice a year, which I guess they don't think is often enough to justify the expense of salt trucks or snowplows.

Our municipal employee is very efficient about getting our village plowed out, though!

The boys and I put up our Christmas tree Friday afternoon and decorated the mantel. We are ready for Christmas now!


Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks for your comment.
Glad to read that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an early celebration of Christmas with the family.
Congratulations on your 10th anniversary - glad that you enjoyed quiet time in Branson.
Happy 5th Birthday to Benjamin. Nice choice of the car cake :)
Merry Christmas and many blessings, good health, love and happiness for the New Year to you and your family.
PS: The snowman looked like the masterpiece by talented scupltors :)

Jordan said...

Now, they aren't prepared here for the first snow of the year. Almost everything got closed up the other day for an inch and a half.

All the snows after that they're ready for, though.