Friday, February 4, 2011

of bookworms and schoolwork

Noah takes after me, a real book-lover. Only... he isn't interested in reading them, or having one of us read them to him, so this love more resembles that which he would lavish on a bevy of stuffed animals. He feels compelled to move the books around with him wherever he goes, like to the couch so they can watch TV with him.

For the "hazards of growing up bilingual files," we have this entry today:
Noah was helping Frédéric make pizza crust... and suggested they add "fleur" (flower) to the mixture.

Benjamin got his first report card today (report cards in Kindergarten, who knew?). He got a mixture of greens ("skills acquired") and oranges ("skills in the process of being acquired").

And he is still producing nice artwork.


Top-of-the-Arch said...

Nice art work by the world greastest artist Benjamin :)
I sure miss the curly hair on Noah. I am most happy whenever I am in the library or spend hours wondering around the bookstores. So it must be another reason why I enjoy reading your blog - natural connection among book lovers :)
Best regards,
PS: The forecast for more snow this weekend and next week - and it is only early February - blah.

Claire said...

First grade English speaking kids in the US often call flour "powder" for some reason.

Noah is sure a cutie! And I love how he thinks outside the box.

Glad to see Benjamin is continuing his wonderful artwork.