Monday, March 14, 2011

Château de Septmonts

Septmonts is a village about 20 km from ours - as the crow flies, or as the Google map indicates. Turns out, the Google map and the GPS are unaware of a closed road somewhere in there which makes the distance about 10 km and 15 minutes longer.

The village is the home of the Château de Septmonts, one time country home of the Bishops of Soissons. It was built between the 13th and 16th centuries.

One of my online friends, from California, and her family were visiting Europe for Spring Break and were kind enough to take a day to come out and visit us, so we decided to take advantage of their trip to see this castle we hadn't been to yet.

We climbed 170 steps to the top of that tallest tower. Even Noah came all the way up and all the way down by himself, with me holding his hand to try and allay the visions of him bouncing all the way down the stone spiral staircase.
It was very high!

After the castle we made a short stop in Longpont to see the Abbey and make a quick tour of the village before our friends had to catch their train back to Paris.

We hope to visit Septmonts again - when the sun cooperates more!

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b said...

Oh I like this castle. It's very round!