Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's gardening time!

With the gorgeous weather we've had all week, I've been working on weeding the retaining wall planters. And chopping back the forsythia.

And giving the big, overgrown plants haircuts.
They go from something like this:

to something like this.
but I suspect I may need to dig them out and start over, I think they are so rootbound that they just look tired and yuck.

Today, we decided it was time to head to the nursery to get some plants for the retaining wall. I had to do it all by myself this year like a big girl since my mom isn't here to help out.
We planted some phlox.
Some for the moment sad-looking daisies.

Some of these, which are supposed to cascade, and which are supposed to be frost and snow-resistant.

and a bunch of primroses in various colors

Frédéric also started preparing the vegetable garden plots.
And cleaning up the remains of last year's forgotten harvest.
And planting his tomatoes and pickles.
And we have plenty of these guys around already to help with our garden.

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