Monday, March 28, 2011


I just think our house looks so much prettier with flowers in front of it!
(Ok, it might look prettier with the lawn mowed, too, but one thing at a time. And now that we know where the tulips are, we need to remember to dig them up when they are done, so we can move them elsewhere for next year.) These are our authentic Dutch tulips, that we brought back with us from Amsterdam 5 years ago.

This year's Snail and Slug War is officially on. The opening salvos were fired (chomped?) last night by the Snails and Slugs, who decided to feast on one of my new primroses!You will pay, little pests! I scattered the Blue Pellets of Death all over the retaining wall planters today. (cue evil laughter)Next up: Harvesting the Slug and Snail Cadavers. Mmmm.


Leontien said...

I agree!!! good luck with the snails...


b said...

Eeek! Blue pellets of death!