Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter Vacation

Frédéric, his mom and the boys headed up for the mountains last Friday. They stopped overnight in Lyon, where they got to have dinner with our friends, the Hendrixes.

Then it was on to La Clusaz, where both boys got to spend a week taking ski lessons.

Fortunately for Noah and for us, they weren't sticklers for the age limit, which was supposed to be 3, and they let him in - but he's only a week shy of it, anyway. He had an hour's worth of classes every day, and loved every minute!

Benjamin did his "ourson" (bear cub) level class. He had two and a half hours of lessons a day, made great progress, and loved it right up until he had to walk back to the apartment.

Frédéric found a sledding hill for us to play at in the afternoons, so we went there Thursday afternoon.

The boys worked on the snow fort they had started Tuesday and went sledding.

They also showed us their newly acquired skiing skills. Noah demonstrates how to put his hands on his knees while skiing, and Benjamin is very proud of his snowplow and turns.

Noah doesn't even seem to mind falling down.

On Friday, Noah was awarded his "piou-piou" (cheep cheep, as in the sound a little bird makes) medal for the week, and Benjamin got his "ourson" medal.

Two proud (if tired) ski champions!

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful and fun photos.
I never skied and never saw snow until I came to America.
However, let me know if the good looking instructors, Benjamin and Noah, are giving lessons, so I could be the first one to sign up :)
It is cloudy and gloomy here today. Hopefully we will not have anymore snow or tornadoes.
Have a good week.