Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fish and Not Me

Like any good little French child, Benjamin did not learn about April Fool's Day in school. He learned about April Fish, which he made in class and tried to sneakily tape on our backs when we weren't looking. These are called "poissons d'avril," which is also the name of an April Fool's Day joke in French.

And Noah has already learned the meaning of French saying, "les absents ont toujours tort." (Those who are absent are always in the wrong.)

I was sweeping the other morning while he was finishing his breakfast. Benjamin was in the living room, watching TV.

Noah: Why are you sweeping?
Me: Because it is dirty. We don't want our house to be dirty.
Noah, indignantly: Who put dirt in my house?! I did not put dirt in my house!
Me: We all did.
Noah: *I* did not!
Me: Well, your shoes did.
Noah: I think it was Bee-jamin did put dirt on the floor.

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