Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heat Wave!

Ok, so it's only been in the 70°s this week, but it already feels so hot! If it weren't for the fact that our well water is absolutely frigid, we might have broken out the pool already. We are thinking hard about what to do for fans upstairs, since it is already getting much too hot to sleep up there otherwise.

Frédéric's dad came over this week and spent three days working hard in our yard. He and Frédéric managed to get most of the hedge trimmed down (can't WAIT til we can take it out across the front of the yard), and he mowed the lawn for us, too. Frédéric's friend came over one day, too, and between the three of them, they finally got the swingset cemented in - no more worries that the boys will flip it over in their energetic swinging!

The boys earned their keep this week by washing one of the cars.

Frédéric was very proud of his homemade flan.

I'm sure that Alex and Caitlyn will both be pleased to see that the boys now have their own S.O.S. Ouistiti game now so they can practice up for Thanksgiving.

And Benjamin still brings me pretty flowers.


Jordan said...

Can I stay for a week if I wash one of your cars?!

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Joyful Easter.

PS: Thanks for sharing lovely photos and stories - those are precious moments.