Monday, April 18, 2011

A Walk in the Village

Those of you on Facebook may have already seen these pictures, but for the benefits of the holdouts (Mom), here is the walk we took in our village today. When Frédéric's sister and her kids came over last week, we discovered a few new paths we didn't know about. We finally went up the one street we had never been up in the almost five years we've lived here. The boys and I went on the same walk today, to take some pictures of our lovely village on this beautiful day (look at that gorgeous blue sky!)... and my ulterior motive was of course to keep the boys from fighting in the house, and to tire them out for bedtime!

These houses are across from the farm.
One of the more decrepit houses in the village, but so cute. And very centrally located!

The village cemetery

One of several village chickens.

Now, this house and its outbuildings are asking for nothing more than a new owner to come fix them up! They are up the street that we had never been up before. I'd love to go peek inside them, and I just love their yard... I can easily imagine a house, a guest house, and an office! Now if only they weren't up that horrid hill.

This is the third cross I know of in our village. Another is in the center of town, across from the World War I monument, and another is technically outside of the village, on a hill near the intersection coming in to our village.

Another abandoned, overgrown-looking home. This one is down the hill from the horrid road. I imagine both roads are rather of the less-traveled variety, though, which might help... still not sure about the hills in icy winter, though.

This is the path we took to go back home... bordered on both sides by stinging nettles. Noah hasn't gotten stung yet, but I'm sure it won't be long, and perhaps then he will start listening to my stinging-nettle-vine warnings more carefully.

This sign wouldn't be frightening at all, if we didn't know that the road it refers to is a two-way road, only wide enough for one car. That puts it in a whole new light.

Blue skies! Green trees! What more could we ask for, I ask you?!

Home, sweet home.

And the boys were nice enough to pose with my sumac so I could show off how tall it's gotten since last year. It's growing quickly.

Oh look! Another one for the parental mythology annals!

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