Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Definition of Insanity

Is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Right?

So... you know how every time we go to the mountains with the boys, we say, "Never again!!"?

Well. We're stupider than you think.

During the 9-hour trip to get to the condo, we had about 45 minutes of peace. Neither boy sleeps much in the car, nor all that well when not in his own bed. Noah especially has a hard time settling down when he knows we are right in the next room - next room? Yeahhh, it is practically the same room; the bunkbeds are in a little alcove.

We stopped for dinner at McDonald's before heading up the mountain. Even McDonald's fits in with the local décor.

We were surprised to see the playground closed due to... snow!
I was hoping to get some new "summer" photos for our condo website, but the snow pretty much put an end to that bright idea. But the boys were thrilled with the unexpected bonus.

Hard to say whether they enjoyed the snowball fights or building a snowman more.

Benjamin demonstrated how we could snowplow, if we only had some skis. He's excited about taking his "snowflake" level ski classes next year.

Walking around the resort, you could almost mistake this one for the beach.

After the snow melted, I did manage a few photos of the new playground for the condo website. The boys and I went there for a couple of hours Thursday so Frédéric could get some work done in the condo.

We also brought the tripod along so we could attempt some decent family photos where you can't tell that we're all on each other's nerves. Now in later years we will be able reminisce about these lovely, fun, family trips that we all enjoyed and during which we were all perfectly behaved. Ah, the good ol' days.

And we did get some things done to the condo, which was the purpose of the trip. We added a curtain for the bunkbed alcove and made a few other changes and repairs, so it wasn't a total loss. But... dare I say it.... Nah. We all know that we'll come back anyway. Insanity, remember. But wouldn't it be nice if next time, we could find a babysitter for the kids and Frédéric and I could come by ourselves?! In the meantime, we will just keep that "eternal optimist" thing going where we hope next time will be better.

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