Monday, June 13, 2011

Flea Markets and American Festival

Emiley came to see us this weekend for one last visit before she heads back to the US. I dragged her to Benjamin's school Friday afternoon to pick him up and set up a Real French Lunch for her on Saturday.

Sunday morning we headed out early for a flea market at Vauciennes on the way to church. We found Clue and Uno which we plan to leave in the condo for our visitors.

After church and lunch at the airport (because that is what airline employees do on their vacation), Emiley came with us to the 11th annual American Festival in Fismes.

It was our second time at the American Festival, but possibly our last. While Frédéric did manage to get Emiley and me a discounted entrance fee this year with our American passports, I was very underimpressed with the discount. Discount? Why shouldn't an American get in free, especially since you get a free entry with an American car? An American car is worth more than a Real Live American? Hmph!

The people manning the WWII army outpost were very informative, and spoke excellent English. One described to us different objects on display in the medic's tent.

Another one let Benjamin and Noah look through her binoculars, and let Noah try on the Scottish Highlanders uniform hat.

There were plenty of American cars.
And American license plates for sale.
But no Indian village this year, only a lone teepee.

We rounded out our American cultural field trip with a bit of French culture by stopping on the side of the traffic circle in Fismes so Benjamin could take a picture with the magic potion and the menhir from the Astérix comic books. Fismes is the birthplace of Astérix illustrator Albert Uderzo. Astérix is Frédéric's favorite comic book series, and at the moment is Benjamin's as well (though Noah has a preference for Tintin).

And speaking of comic books, did I mention Benjamin is reading? He can sound out words pretty well in French or in English, and recognizes smaller ones like "and" or "the" without having to sound them out. When he and Frédéric read their Astérix comics, Benjamin reads all the noises.

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