Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring Odds and Ends

Our spring visiting continued on Monday with another one of Frédéric's cousins and his girlfriend who came over for a lunch of relatively normal proportions, lasting about seven and a half hours. No, we didn't eat for seven and a half hours straight. We also took a walk around the village, and played the game that they brought as a present for Benjamin, and Noah played with the playdoh they gave him.

Frédéric's been trying the Swimming Pool Strategy after Benjamin gets home from school to wear the boys out for bedtime. Success is mitigated so far, but they are enjoying the experiment.

Today I went out to check on them and Noah informed me I needed to take a picture of him, because he had a towel with a "capuche" (hood) - "I'm like a baby! I'm "mignon!" (cute). Of course I obliged him.

Benjamin is like a little fish in the water since he is finishing up his second session of swimming lessons at school.

That is Noah hollering in the background that he is "dry enough" and can go inside now.

In other news, our ceiling fans for the upstairs bedrooms, ordered 6 weeks ago online, *finally* arrived, and Frédéric has installed one of them. Of course... it is mid-June, summer is practically over with temperatures in the 60°s.

I guess Frédéric thinks I haven't posted enough about the garden this year, because he took this picture for me of our first small harvest.

We do indeed have a garden this year, with tomatoes, zucchini, snow peas, green beans, carrots and radishes. And our raspberry bushes and grape vine, and a few wild strawberries that grow along the fence.

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks for sharing interesting stories and photos (specially about Benjamin and Noah).
Nice photo of Benjamin with the Mustang - You sure have good taste :)
We got the 2010 Mustang - still have the 2004 T-bird. They are my husband's mistresses - haa haa
Have a good week.