Friday, June 17, 2011

Walks with Noah

One thing I love about living in our middle-of-nowhere village is being able to walk right up through the fields. There is a road -- well, they call it a "path," but in theory at least, cars can go on it, though they rarely do -- that goes through them to the next village. Noah and I took a walk in the wheat and beet fields, and I brought the camera along.

He starts out ok...

but gets distracted early and often.

Benjamin's school is across these fields. But he wasn't there the day of our walk, he was on a field trip to a park outside of Reims. He didn't come home for lunch since it was a day-long field trip, and he was confused and disappointed in the extreme to only go to school "one time" that day. He didn't quite understand why he didn't get to go back after dinner.

Noah didn't want to pose for me, but I managed a few decent pictures all the same. I think you can see his personality shining through... more on that nefariousness to come soon.

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