Saturday, July 2, 2011

Latest Tidbits from the Mouths of Babes

Noah, putting on his socks: "Is it the right feet?"
Me: "Socks don't have feet."
Noah, matter of factly: "And no nose, and no mouth, and no eyes, and no hands, and nothing."

* * * * * *

Benjamin: "When I am bigger and I'm a mommy..."
Me, interrupting: "You will never be a mommy. You can be a daddy."
Benjamin: "But! We already have a daddy! We don't need another daddy!"
Me: "But we need another mommy?!? You can be a daddy and have your OWN kids."
Benjamin: "Oh no, that's silly!"

* * * * * *

On our way home from the mountains...
Noah: "I want to go potty outside."
Frédéric, trying to reason with him: "Noah, is candy for animals or for little kids?"
Noah: "Little kids!"
Frédéric: "And who are potties for?"
(yeah, I'm not sure of his logic here either, but go with it)
Noah: "Benjamin!"

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