Sunday, July 17, 2011

More reading & writing and the Great Tomato Massacre

Where shall we hide the knives to prevent this from happening again? Is he a mischief maker, or a budding chef? I guess time will tell...

Benjamin is discovering the joy of writing... he made this sign for his door all by himself.

It says "si vo vole rntre vo deone votre tice" which translates to "si vous voulez rentrez, vous donnez votre ticket" or "if you want to come in, you give your ticket." And yes, he does insist we give him a ticket to go in his room now. But he explained to us that we only needed to give him a pretend ticket.

He also drew this picture of battling tops (Beyblade Metal Fusion, for those who may not be in the know), with the caption: "le topi fun la bagar", which means "les toupies font la bagarre" or "the tops are fighting."

Noah told me the other day that he & Daddy were exhausted after making lunch and had to rest.

Also in recent news, friends from England came for lunch last weekend, and we went to a friend's 3rd birthday party in Paris this week. Now we anxiously await the arrival of my parents - Noah has been coming up and telling me, out of the blue, "Grandma and Grandad should come see me." So I dialed the phone for him and let him tell them that himself! I'm not sure if that is what did the trick or not, but one way or another they decided to come visit us for a few weeks this summer.


Claire said...

I love to see that Benjamin is so excited about writing! He's so ready for 1st grade! Thank you so much for posting so often and letting us share in your kids' lives. I know we don't get to see you very often, but at least we can feel that we are connected by your wonderful blog posts. Thank you!

Laura said...

Love the tomato massacre!!!That's something Thing 2 would do! And Noah's shirt is cute!!