Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooking with Noah

Noah helped me make a green tomato cake this morning. Our poor tomatoes got sick from all the rain we've had this summer, so this is part of our last-ditch efforts to save the ones that remained.

We were naming the ingredients as we put them in...

Me: "Muscade [nutmeg]. Can you say muscade?"
Noah: "Muscade!"
Me: "Canelle. [cinnamon]"
Noah: "Can-aigle."
Me: "Bicarbonate [baking soda]."
Noah: "Bicaboboranate."

We laboriously went through each syllable, then put two syllables together, and he finally was able to string them all together.

Frederic: "Noah, what is that in English?"
Me: "Noah, say 'baking'..."
Noah: "Baking."
Me: "Soda."
Noah: "Chocolate!"

Well... a good baker always thinks about the important things!

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