Friday, August 5, 2011

Le Château de Coucy

It's been sort of a guessing game with the weather the whole time my parents have been here. Yesterday, we went to the market in the morning, and then decided to take our chances with the gray sky at the Château de Coucy.

Unfortunately, the castle ruins closed for lunchtime (please don't ask me why or how, as I can't explain).

So we first explored the town ramparts and had our picnic lunch in the park.

Then we returned and waited a little bit longer.

At last we made it in. And we did get some blue skies!

So did the goats. Actually, this time, unlike last time, the goats were outside the castle walls rather than on the walls and in the windows.

Benjamin and Noah both played statues. Although Noah doesn't quite understand the principle of statues... he was a "jumping statue" at one point.

A couple of family pictures...

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