Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picnic at La Ferté-Milon

We had great (hot!) weather today, so thought we'd venture out to La Ferté-Milon for a picnic along the Ourcq Canal.

Frédéric knew about a new playground they had installed there, so we figured the kids would like that. To our dismay, we found the play areas padlocked when we got there, with an official note from the Mayor's office saying that the play areas were not "réceptionné" (any French readers who want to chime in on what that means, please do, because even French husband couldn't figure it out).

Instead, we walked over to see the water wheel, and then walked in the park between the canals.

Kids checking out the waterwheel

We visited the slightly lesser known "Eiffel Bridge" (yes, designed by the same Gustav as the Eiffel Tower).

Kids (and Frédéric) on the Eiffel Bridge

And then headed up to check out the castle ruins before heading back home to get out of this crazy heat... I know to most of you in the US it will sound like nothing, but 82°F is a big deal when you're used to summers in the high 60°s, with thick cloud cover and rain!

Kids admiring the castle of La Ferté-Milon

We had a lovely bit of quiet time after we got home, then let the kids go in the pool for a while before dinner. Then Tin-Tin, dinner, and bed!

Kids chilling out, watching Tin Tin, after their busy day

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