Thursday, September 8, 2011

NOW the school year can begin

Our morning started off a little crazy over here when Frédéric checked Benjamin's backpack at five minutes til time to leave for school, and realized his correspondance notebook was in there. That is how the teacher sends us information home. To our surprise, he found a note saying swimming class started *today*. So we rushed the boys back upstairs to get them ready, ran around looking for towels and swim caps - only to come back down, re-read, and realize that only the 1st graders got to go due to the overcrowding situation. Augh!

So Noah had to change again, and we had to explain to him why he didn't get to go (after we just told him he was going). On the bright side, Noah got to stay at school the full three hours instead of just one, since the first graders were out of the classroom.

The teacher hadn't had any news yet from the Académie, but told Frédéric the name of the teachers' union website, which I then proceeded to watch closely all day long, refreshing often... and I was finally rewarded this afternoon, when THIS made our day a whole lot better!

That means... we get our third class!! The teacher and teacher/director will be discussing tonight how to split up the grades, and let us know tomorrow, and the new class divisions should start on Monday.

I don't know WHY the Inspector had to wait until three days into the school year to make this decision, but at least we got the answer we wanted!

(Now to pray that the teacher they hire is a good one...!)

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