Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now the school year has really begun

You know school has really begun when... the first illness hits. Frédéric & I have been fighting off the first cold of the year this week, thanks to Noah bringing it home to us from preschool. Somehow he was barely sick at all, but it has knocked us out.

Noah loves school. He can't figure out why some of the little kids cry at school. He likes to do his "work" while Benjamin does his homework (so much for the teacher "not being allowed" to give the kids homework-- that didn't last long).

He was very proud of having written "NOAH" here:

And sports have started for both boys. We did give in on the gymnastics thing, so both do gymnastics once a week (pictures of that sooner or later, I'm sure), and Benjamin has swimming lessons once a week through school, and twice a week in the evenings.

The whole pool experience in France is a little weird... men & boys have to wear Speedos, for one thing... for another, swim caps are strongly encouraged, though not actually required at this pool. Also, the swimming instructor is not in the pool with them, and to even go watch the kids swim, you have to wade through about six inches of water (presumably also treated with some disinfectant or other).

Benjamin loves his swimming lessons, and is perfectly at ease in the water.

And the most exciting of all, the work on the bridge in our village is finally done!! We can now go through the village instead of taking the long way around through the forest, which will cut several minutes off our driving time. Yay!

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