Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us!

Frédéric and I celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss today! And much like that day we were married 11 years ago, this day is much nippier than we expected. So we celebrated by starting up the wood-burning stove with the first fire of the season.

Frédéric also celebrated by going to work, and I also celebrated by taking the boys to gymnastics. Maybe in another nine or so years we can actually go out on our anniversary. In the meantime, here is to many more happy years ahead of us.

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Greetings from Cardinal Nation!
First, Happy Anniversary and a very Happy Birthday to you. (If I lived nearby, you could count on me to watch Benjamin and Noah anytime you wish to go out for dinner.)
The boys did a great job with the cake. I always knew that they are the most well-behaved, sweetest and talented kids in the world :)
Second, a suggestion for your Happy Fall decoration. Perhaps Noah could paint the words "Interesting American" to the figure - haa haa
Third, in case you have not already been informed, the Cardinals advanced to the Division Series. The Cards will play Milwaukee Brewers.
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday - may you have many, many more years of blessings, love, good health and much happiness.
Have a good day/week.
PS: Thanks for your comments.