Saturday, October 29, 2011

Toussaint Vaction = Catching up on Visiting

The boys were on school vacation for a week and a half for La Toussaint (All Saints' Day). Our "vacation" turned very busy towards the end, when we caught up on the visiting we didn't have time for this summer.

Friday we drove two hours, south of Paris, to spend the day with Frédéric's aunt and uncle. We usually try to visit them in the summer, but they and we were so busy this year that our summer visit was the end of October.

The boys' cousin Nina was there, too, and the three of them ran around like whirling dervishes when they weren't eating.

The boys learned how to blow up balloons (oh, joy).

See? Dervishes. Couldn't even be still for a picture.
This picture is nothing short of miraculous, with all three kids facing the camera at the same time and smiling. Please appreciate it for the amazing art that it is.

With the crazy traffic around Paris, it took us almost three hours to get back home, which goes a long way towards explaining why this particular visit usually happens once a year.

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