Friday, November 4, 2011

And some more Toussaint visiting!

After some schedule-juggling and matching, we found that the only time to get together with the Monnoyeur family before our trip was immediately after the Dubort family left. So the Monnoyeurs came over Sunday evening, and spent Sunday and Monday nights with us.

The nice weather lasted through Monday, so we took the kids out for a bit. Our neighbor across the street gave the girls a couple of roses, one of which contained a tiny snail, to their great joy (but not that of my boys, who wouldn't touch it).

They named it Isabelle (despite its hermaphodity) and sang songs to it. Then they brought the roses, complete with snail, inside the house, where they stayed until the girls took them home, accompanied by the tiny snail.

We took a walk back through the beet fields, and found a mountain of beets waiting to be picked up.

Played some more ping pong...

And let the kids do a Halloween candy hunt in the yard just before it got too dark. They waited patiently by the door until the candy was hidden.
The boys and I visited a couple of houses with them on Tuesday - they are looking for a vacation home out this way and we hope they will find one, the closer, the better!

Noah was NOT happy to see them leave. He was ready to ditch Frédéric and me and go home with them, and sobbed when we told him he couldn't. "I want to go with them, because me likes them!" he cried. Through his tears, he waved goodbye and sniffled, "See you Sunday!"

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