Sunday, December 25, 2011

Early Christmas

As happens once every few years, Frédéric had both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off work this year. So it could have been a "normal" Christmas for us. But on December 22nd this year, I started wondering why we had to wait til the 24th to open presents, since it was just going to be the four of us here at home, and all the presents were ready and waiting.

So we stopped waiting for the 24th, and had early Christmas. The boys were thrilled.

They got pretty good at their "Cheese!" faces.

Benjamin opened this present and remembered that we had bought the same for his cousin Alex. He was very pleased to get one of his own... and since then, we have wondered what ever possessed us to buy him a toy with which he could build a catapult... we can't even blame that on obnoxious aunts or uncles. Though I suppose Ryan and Christine can!

Frédéric got to build most of Noah's Meccano set by himself, but Noah loves to play with the finished product.
And here we are, building the catapult!

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