Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Too Old for Jet Lag

Yes, I am. Or too Work-at-Home, perhaps. This is day 7, and I am still exhausted. The boys have school, so they're adjusting more easily, and Frédéric basically lives in permanent jet lag because of his work schedule, so it's not really any different for him.

It could be because I keep giving in to the extraordinarily strong gravitational pull of my bed, and napping when I'm "not supposed to." Or because my dear, sweet husband gets up and gets the kids off to school and lets me sleep in til 11 am (!! have not done that since... high school? college?).

Either way... today, I stand victorious, having arisen at 9 am, and not having napped all day long. Well, stand may not be quite the right word, I'm a little drowsy here at 7:40 pm. More like I slump victorious over my desk.

Slump might be optimistic, though; sort of gives the impression I might be able to perk up. I think if I'm awake enough to drag myself off to my bed before too long, I'll be doing well.

Maybe it is not the work-at-homeness, though, maybe it is the having-to-deal-with-kids-while-utterly-jet-lagged. Maybe I should declare a moratorium on overseas travel until I can come home to a nanny who can take over until I am fully recovered.

At any rate... hoping today's triumph over The Nap is leading me in the right direction, and that in a few days I'll feel slightly more normal again... (just in time for the kids' Christmas break, right... oh dear.)

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