Friday, February 17, 2012

Assorted Excerpts from Today's Conversations...

Never a dull moment...
* * * *

B: And Louis punched me.
Me: That wasn't nice.
B, defensive: It was an accident!
Me: Ok... (not really sure why he's defending his friend who hurt him) what happened?
B: He put his index and middle fingers in my eyes and I almost DIED!!

(I burst out laughing at this melodramatic outburst, which earned me a fit of anger from Benjamin. Oops. Still not sure why he was defending his friend, saying it was an accident, when he almost DIED.)

* * * *

B: And we did English. The teacher read us a story.
F: Did you understand it?
B: Yes, but I didn't want to listen because I already speak English.

* * * *

B: And my ear hurts. Because I think this one is bigger than the other one.

* * * *

B: The teacher told us we could go in the computer. IN the computer. But then we are in the computer, and we are stuck, and can't get out.
[Did he learn about Tron at school today?]
F: (tries to explain that we don't actually go IN the computer)
B: But she is the teacher, she must KNOW.

(He is actually very distressed about the idea of staying stuck inside the computer. TRON did get out in the end, didn't he?)

* * * *

F: No, that is white. We call that white.
N: I think white is called yellow.

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Ryan said...

Tron!? No, Tron didn't get out, because Tron was a program. *Flynn* got out. Geez, apparently we're going to have to watch that when you guys get here next time. We'll set up Dad's projector.