Friday, February 3, 2012

Brothers and Parental Mythology

It's still more like the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat around here most days than anything else, so I snap as many of these pictures as possible when I get a chance.

Note to self: Keep a wet wipe handy for Noah's mouth when Parental Mythology Occasions present themselves, or get busy Photoshopping.

They were actually not playing with the dinosaurs; Benjamin specifically asked me to get my camera and take pictures of the dinosaurs for him. I agreed, on the condition that they would be in the pictures.

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

The golden moments, previous childhood memories - thanks for sharing. The kids are as cute as ever. Noah looks so angelic with his big smile and Benjamin so loving like a big brother should be.
Glad to know all is well.
We are getting for the Superbowl, the game and the food - haa haa