Friday, February 17, 2012

A few more conversational snippets...

These are a bit older, but worth reading...

I no longer wonder why my work is never done after this exchange with Noah...

N: Are you done vacuuming?
Me: Yes.
N: So now we can make a big mess.

* * * *

Me: Hey, Benjamin! You know what today is? [On the 4th of July]
B: No.
Me: It's the birthday of the United States of America!
B: Where's the cake?

* * * *

My Mom: Do you need any help, Noah?
N: No.
My Mom: I guess he knows what he is doing.
Me: Oh, he knows what he is doing, none of us do. Isn't that right, Noah?
N: Yes.
My Mom: I can't believe he will say yes without knowing what you are saying.
Me: Noah, are you a goober?
N: No.
My Mom: What is a goober, Noah?
N: It's Benjamin, is a goober!

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