Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And the Most Picturesque Village prize goes to...

Tuesday afternoon while the boys were in school and Frédéric was at work, I took my parents to visit a few other nearby villages.

We began with a short photo op stop at our "we're almost home!" landmark windmill.

Then went on to Largny-en-Automne:

Continued on to Fleury:

Then Corcy:

And finished up with Dampleux:

But at the end of all that, the verdict was that our village was still the most picturesque around. These others are close seconds, though.

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Leontien said...

Well the pictures are great! And i see that some of the trees and bushes have blooms/leaves on them so it is good that spring is coming there too.

Big hugs and thank you for your sweet comment