Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Snow: Part Two

The nice surprise of going to the mountains the last week the resort is open is that you get discounts on everything. Ski rental was half off, parking was free, saving us about $100, clothing was 50% off in the shops (though it was too expensive for our taste even at those reduced prices), and we not only got discounted tickets to the ice sculpture cave, but the lady also let Benjamin go in free though normally 6-year-olds and up have to pay.

So we took the (eeek, scary!) cable cars up to 2600m to see the ice cave.
In the seven years we've had the condo, this is only the second time I've gone up in the cable cars. I'm so brave.
This year's snow sculpture theme was famous people, real or fictional.
We saw Darth Vader.
Luke and Leia.

Mother Theresa.
And Karl Lagerfeld, among others.
The cave was a little narrow in some spots!

And then we posed for some pictures at the top.

Noah and I took the (eeek, scary!) cable cars back down to return to our afternoon sledding, while Frédéric and Benjamin skied down blue (and red!!) slopes.
He looks all blasé in this picture, but he insisted I hold his hand the whole way down because he was "a little scared."

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laura said...

Love the star wars themed snow sculptures! So cool.