Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big City Culture Shock

Tuesday was a holiday, "End of the War in Europe 1945" Day, generally just called "le 8 mai." We took advantage of the mid-week holiday to go visit Frédéric's cousin in Puteaux, near Paris and La Défense. Driving through La Défense, right next to the skyscrapers, was pretty intimidating after six years in the country!
(photo courtesy of Simdaperce, from Wikipedia)

After a wrong turn (even with the GPS) - we missed a left-hand exit in a tunnel, talk about complicated - we found our way to the right address, and managed to park only a block and a half away. Yes, city life is not for us!

But we ended up with reasonably good weather, so after lunch, we took the boys and their cousin, Nina, out to the park, which has a view of the Eiffel Tower.
The boys had a great time playing tag, hide-and-seek, playing on the playground, and riding around on Nina's scooter.

Noah learned the joy of drinking water from the pump, and drenched himself in the process. Benjamin refused to try, despite being "sooo thirsty," because there was no cup. (Ok, so he isn't *that* much of a country boy, after all.)

On the way back home, we were treated to a view of the Arc de Triomphe, complete with giant French flag in honor of the May 8th festivities.

We enjoyed our visit with Frédéric's cousin, who has a beautiful condo in a very upscale residence. But we were relieved to drive back out through the fields and forest to our house afterwards. I think we've been spoiled for city living!

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