Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyone Needs a Hobby

Some people collect bottle caps. Some people go hiking. Some people read. We tear our house apart.

We do usually wind up putting it back together eventually, though.

The latest in a long series of completed and yet-to-be completed projects is the entryway wall. It took a bit of discussion to figure out what we wanted to do with it. We had removed the wallpaper long ago, and more recently, we removed the dining room doors and shortened the wall.

We decided to keep the bottom of the wall so we'd have somewhere to put the couch that was not the middle of the entryway. And we figured we'd do better to leave part of the top in order to retain some semblance of structural integrity (no worries, though, it's not a load-bearing wall). I suggested arches, and Frédéric was not convinced, but agreed anyway.

It started out like this.

And went through several stages.

And it took several months.

But finally, it ended up like this just before our most recent round of company arrived (nothing like company to give you some extra motivation to get things finished!)
And we love it!

On to the next project... well, maybe we'll just take a little nap first.

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