Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flea Market Day

May 1st is Labor Day in France. In some parts of the country, that means union gatherings and parades. This year in Paris, it meant presidential candidates' rallies. But for other parts of the country, including our village, it means flea markets!

Which in turn means getting up early. At least we got a good sunrise out of the deal.
Our new friends loaned us their tent, so we had shelter from the threatening clouds / sunshine, depending on which 5-minute-stretch of the day it was. Fortunately, the rain that had invaded our region for the past couple of weeks decided to give us a break, and not a drop fell from the sky all day long.
Our friends came from Paris to spend the day with us. We managed to spend the entire day down in the village, kids and all. It definitely helped for the boys to have their friends around to play with. Lily Rose and Noah started a snail collection (live, not empty shells).... which Lily Rose then proceeded to gather up in an empty snack wrapper, to which she added grass so they would have food... and which she brought back to Paris with her. (Ick!)
They played tag, explored the other stands, and played up in the yard of one of the abandoned houses in the village. (Which, might I add, is a crying shame! Amanda... I think I have found the site for your B&B!)
Benjamin was absolutely thrilled when his best friend Léa from school showed up with her mom. He took off running towards her. What he didn't count on was the competition between Léa and Gabrielle, who at not-quite-4 years old, has already declared herself in love with him. Léa informed him that he had to choose between them; he could not marry both of them. Poor Benjamin couldn't make up his mind and said, "Both!" every time she asked.
We didn't make any big bucks (or euros) or get rid of as much as we hoped, but we enjoyed spending time out in the village, seeing our neighbors (now that we are finally getting to know them a little bit) - and we are very happy we didn't get rained on!

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Claire said...

I guess Benjamin has no idea how expensive two wives would be! Money would be the least of his worries, I'm afraid.