Friday, May 18, 2012

Longpont Flea Market

Thursday was Ascension... one of the many holidays that gave rise to this motto: "France: We will defend our secularism to the death, as long as you don't touch our religious holidays!" The boys had school on Wednesday to make up for the schools doing "the bridge" on Friday. "Le pont" is what they call it when you have a Tuesday or Thursday holiday and take the adjoining Monday or Friday off as well to "bridge" to or from the weekend.

So on Ascension Thursday, we went to the Longpont flea market in the morning with our friends.

The boys love going places with our friends, who are more generous than we are, so they got to ride the carousel.

We spent a whopping thirty centimes on a toy tractor for Noah. Benjamin didn't find anything he wanted for thirty centimes, so he got to take his money home to his piggy bank.
While the boys and Frédéric rested after lunch, I spent the afternoon looking at houses with our friends, who are searching for a vacation home in our area.

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