Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gymnastics Gala

The boys had their end-of-year gymnastics "competition" this past weekend. I had tried to explain to Benjamin that it wasn't a true competition, but he still gave a disgusted sigh when we arrived, saying, "I didn't know it was just to play!" But as he watched the other kids, he got over his pique, and decided it would be ok to participate. (Seeing the medals helped motivate him.)

Noah's group went first. It is amazing how much they have learned in two years.

He got up on the uneven bars all by himself, and didn't want any help crab-walking along them.

His cheese-face is a good indication of just how proud of himself he was!

Then it was Benjamin's turn...

This was a lucky shot; I ought to learn how to take sports photos for this type of event in the future, though.

Up... and... over! This bar was a good 9 or 10 feet off the ground.

And another gymnast who was very pleased with himself at the end!

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