Monday, July 16, 2012

Househunting and Friends

Well, we aren't househunting, but our friends still are. They came over yesterday to visit a couple more houses, and we took advantage of the occasion to celebrate Gabrielle's 4th birthday, since the boys were down with chicken pox when she had her party at her house.

And the weather was (surprisingly, lately) reasonably decent, so the kids played out in the neighborhood for a while, on their bicycles, and up on the hill (not with their bicycles).

After Lily Rose took a tumble from her bicycle in front of our neighbor's house, our neighbor offered her some roses to cheer her up. Which led to a long discussion between her and Rose Mary about flowers and how to grow them, and then she showed us her back yard, and let Benjamin and Lily Rose feed her fish out of their hands.

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