Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mommy's First Field Trip

Talk about jumping in headfirst! My first field trip with Benjamin's class was to an amusement park: "La Mer de Sable." I hadn't originally intended to go, but they had to change the date due to teacher training days, and some of the other chaperones couldn't make it on the new date, so I agreed to fill in.

I'm not totally sure what the theme of this park is... it seemed at first to be "Far West," "cowboys and Indians"...
we were greeted by these characters at the entrance

But right across from the entrance you have this structure... so I guess it is just "sand" themed. Any and everything to do with sand.

But then you see this inside one of the rides.... and you wonder... what do wealthy pandas have to do with sand? (Or is that sand in their cave there?) It's a mystery.

The kids got to play Tarzan... (and only two of my four fell off before making it to the end of the track).

At one point, we met up with three of the other groups and were able to all go on one ride at the same time - there were 24 of us, and we all just fit. (It was sort of similar to a Buccanneer ride, but on a track.)

When the cowboy / horse show started around 4 pm, we found that there was no waiting at any attraction, so we took advantage to finish up our tour and go on a few rides a second time.

Earlier in the day we went on this ride, which takes you up to the top of a "tree" and drops you back down. As soon as we got off and for the entire rest of the day, my four kids were begging to go back. It was unanimously declared their favorite of the day.
So we made time for it again at the end, and they were overjoyed. (Though Nathan, next to me and not in our group, was much less than thrilled with the ride, for his part.)

I went in with four uninjured kids, came out with the same four uninjured kids, so that alone makes it count as a successful field trip as far as I'm concerned! As a bonus, we all had a great time, and the kids went easy on me.

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