Friday, July 6, 2012

No more school, no more books

The boys' last day of school was July 5th this year. Well, Benjamin's last day; Noah missed the entire last week, thanks to chicken pox. But the teacher was outside when Frédéric took Benjamin to school that afternoon, and Noah was in the car, so he did get to give his gifts to his teacher himself.

I went to the random stuff store for last-minute teacher gift inspiration, and found these super cute tiny silicone cupcake cups. (To which Frédéric astutely said, "Those are going to be fun to wash!")

I made a white cake, and was thrilled that the cupcakes didn't stick inside the cups. They popped out quite easily. However, we decided that 36 cups was not enough, so went back to get a few more the next day.

A little buttercream frosting, and voilà, part one of teacher gifts.

I also found cute little plant pots at the same store, so then headed to the garden store and found some flowers to put in them. And of course the boys made cards for their teachers and the aide.

Benjamin's card read: "Chère Maîtresse, Merci pour les 15 minutes de récré pour jouer l'après-midi. Merci de m'avoir aidé à apprendre à lire. J'ai bien aimé cette année de classe. Bonnes vacances et à l'année prochaine."

[Dear Teacher, Thank you for the 15-minute recesses to play in the afternoon. Thank you for helping me learn to read. I liked this year of school. Have a good vacation and see you next year.]

Noah's read: "Cher Maître, J'aime bien l'école. Merci d'être un maître gentil. J'aime jouer et colorier à l'école. Bonnes vacances et à l'année prochaine !"

[Dear Teacher, I like school. Thank you for being a nice teacher. I like to play and color at school. Have a good vacation and see you next year.]

and for the aide: "Chère France, Merci d'avoir joué à la pâte à modeler avec moi et d'avoir fait des jeux et la peinture avec moi. Bonnes vacances et à l'année prochaine !"

[Dear France, Thank you for playing with play-doh with me and playing games and doing painting with me. Have a good vacation and see you next year.]

Both boys will have their same teachers in September, so no major changes for either one as Benjamin goes into second grade and Noah into the 4-year-old preschool class.

Benjamin's teacher requested goodies for their party on the last day of school, so I made this cake for them, complete with sunshine and sailboat at Benjamin's suggestion.

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