Saturday, October 20, 2012

Deep Thoughts by Benjamin

I had an early lunch alone with Benjamin today while Frédéric took Noah to gymnastics.

We had some interesting conversations, like:

Me: You know who is going to have a baby? Uncle Jordan and Aunt Kacey.
Benjamin: What?! They weren't supposed to have one!
Me: Uh... they weren't? Why not?
Benjamin: Because they already have one, and they only wanted one!
Me: Uh... who told you that?
Benjamin: No one, it's what I think in my head!


Benjamin: I think Papy, Daddy's Daddy, is French.
Me: Yes, he is. Why do you say that?
Benjamin: Because he does all like French.
Me: Like what?
Benjamin: Drink coffee.


He is very into adding things to his Christmas wish list (thank you, TV commercials). So we had a very long, involved conversation about Santa Claus (Père Noël), in which I was surprised to find that he believes in Santa Claus, as we've never really encouraged it. He says he wants to give his Christmas list to the Père Noël at our village Christmas party, which is before Christmas.

Me: How does the Père Noël get in our house?
Benjamin: He comes down the chimney.
Me: Ah. He doesn't get burned?
Benjamin: No, because he comes at night and the fire is out.
Me: Oh. What if I leave the fireplace door shut and locked like that, can he open it from the inside?
Benjamin: Uh... well, I think he comes through the roof. Through the windows. [we have skylights upstairs] Then he comes downstairs, because I hear footsteps.
Me: Oh, I see.
Benjamin: But the Père Noël doesn't exist. It's someone's daddy dressed up.
Me: Wait a minute, were you trying to trick me into thinking you believed Père Noël was real?
Benjamin: (giggling) Ye-e-es.

Me: Ok, so if Père Noël is someone's daddy dressed up, why do you want to give your Christmas list to him?
Benjamin: So he can give it to his elves.
Me: Wait, wait, wait, if Père Noël is someone's daddy dressed up, who are the elves?!?
Benjamin: Other daddies dressed up. And mommies.
Me: Ok, so all the dressed-up daddies and mommies give the presents to all the kids?
Benjamin: No, the Père Noël gives the presents, the elves make them.

Me: Where does the Père Noël live?
Benjamin: I don't know, maybe in the Country of Great Thirst [don't ask, I have no idea].
Me: What? What is that?
Benjamin: It's very, very hot, so you get very, very thirsty.
Me: Hmm. But if he is someone's daddy, doesn't he live here?
Benjamin: Yes, but I don't know who he is, that is why I don't know. I don't know if it is a real beard or a fake beard.
Me: Oh. Well, that would make it hard to see who it is. Maybe he is Papa Christophe [our friend, differentiated from his son, Kid Christophe].
Benjamin: I don't think so, because I don't think he has the costume.

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