Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Catch-Up

We have been busy around here lately - trying to get all our social visits in before Frédéric's off-work weekends run out, among other things. So here is some catch-up news.

Two and a half weeks ago: My "internet friend" Christy and her family, who live near Annecy, came over to visit us since they were near Paris for the weekend. Her first two kids are very close in age to Benjamin and Noah, and we all had a fun time meeting "in real life" and the kids enjoyed playing together.

A week and a half ago: Some of Frédéric's cousins came over for lunch. We only see them once or twice a year, and it's always nice to catch up. The boys had a great time playing with their cousin Nina, and the weather was nice enough for a walk around the village after lunch.

Noah: is as silly as ever! He came into my office like this the other day, very pleased with himself... he is wearing my "slipper-socks" that I wear in the winter over my normal socks to prevent last year's chillblain incident from repeating itself.

He started gymnastics again two weeks ago in a new club, and enjoys it. (I don't enjoy it as much since parents aren't allowed to stay and watch, boo.)

Benjamin: discovered the library two and a half weeks ago. The boys have gymnastics on Saturdays in a town about 25 minutes from our village, so we try to find other occupations for ourselves when we are out there. This is a common sight around our house these days. He has gotten so fluent in his reading in both English and French, it is hard to believe he was just starting to read this time last year!
He has over two hours of swimming a week and three and a half of gymnastics, so he is a busy boy this year. He loves both his sports and is always proud when the swimming teacher picks him to demonstrate a stroke to the other kids in his class.

Some other visitors: Last week, I forgot something in my car and went out to get it, only to almost step on this guy who was staring at me from right in the middle of the doorstep (and I was hoping he wouldn't decide to hop on me as I took this picture!):

His little friend was watching to see what would happen. (Look Dad, it's not just in Cambodia!)
The lizard didn't stay too long, I guess, but the toad was still there when Frédéric got home from work several hours later.

We have even nicer company than those two visiting us at the moment, but I'll get to that with more pictures soon!

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks for all the latest news. Noah and his sweet smile - Benjamin's love of reading - you sure have perfect kids :)
Have a good week,
PS: It has been rather cool and comfortable here in STL. The stores are filled with items for Halloween.