Friday, November 9, 2012

Grandad's Guest Blog

This post is courtesy of my dad. 

So Noah brought me up a small packet of M&Ms and one of Skittles from his Halloween stash. I thanked him, complimented his generosity, and gave him a hug.

A few minutes he came back in and asked me if I had eaten the candy. I told him I had. Just wanting to be sure, I suppose, he asked me where I had put the paper. I showed him it was in the trash can. Satisfied, he went back downstairs and in a minute came back with 3 more small packets of Skittles. I was afraid perhaps that I had overdone the compliments. So I said “Noah, thank you, but I’ve had enough. You need to save some of the candy for yourself.”

“Yes, Granddad, but I did try it and this I don’t like.”

Mmmmmm. OK. Pawn off the candy you don’t like, and get credit for sharing at the same time. This kid’s pretty smart.

Then he returns in a minute with two Kit Kat bars and lays them on the desk. I’m surprised Noah doesn’t like Kit Kats. I don’t say anything, but I’m thinking that Noah likes chocolate, so the mystery deepens. In a minute he comes back and picks one up, and says “I did take one because these ones I like.”

Then he brings up two twizzlers. “Granddad, these I don’t like too.”

A few minutes later he brings up a Tootsie Roll pop and another similar sucker. I said “Noah, you don’t like these?”

“Yes, I like, but my Daddy, he don’t want that we eat this all the time.”

Noah, listening to parents, especially where candy is involved? This had to have been a dream. But how do I explain the 8 pieces of candy left on my desk?

* * * * * *
2-3 hours later (the candy is still on my desk)

“Granddad, do you like these candy?” (holding up one of the suckers).

“Yes, Noah.”

“Me, too. I would like some,” said Noah, starting to unwrap the sucker.

“Not now, it’s almost dinner time.”

“I’m going to go ask my Daddy,” he said, running down the stairs with the sucker.

* * * * * *

Noah brings me a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

“Granddad, this is for you.”

“Thank you Noah, you’re very nice.”

“But you should tell my Daddy I am nice.”

Hmmm. Is this an attempt to bribe me to be an accomplice to something?

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