Thursday, November 8, 2012

St Louis Zoo

Wednesday, we took the boys to the zoo. Benjamin hadn't been since he was six months old (so obviously he didn't remember it), and Noah hadn't ever been. Of course, usually we come a bit later, and it's colder. As it turned out, it was colder than we expected! But we had a good time.

We started with the Children's Zoo, where Benjamin was swallowed by a hippo. 

And Noah got to brush the goats. He's terrified of dogs, but will brush a goat with no problems. I guess we need to get a pet goat instead. 
 One of Benjamin's favorite parts was the giant rhinoceros beetle in front of the insectarium.

We took a picture with this camel, but he was eyeing Frédéric, working up a giant gob of spit, and thinking, and aiming... we decided to move along, and the camel kept watching Frédéric even as we walked down in front of the zebras.

I thought I got a nice picture of them with the camel, though, so suggested to Frédéric that he get one of all of us (with my friend Brianna and her daughters, Lilian and Vivian), in front of the elephants. Obviously he didn't see things quite the way I did.

A lot had changed at the zoo since I was last there six years ago. The new sea lion tunnel was pretty fun!

And we found Phil for the requisite photo with the kids.

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