Friday, November 2, 2012

We Have Arrived!

Despite Hurricane Sandy's best efforts to thwart our flights, and after much changing of flight options...

(The Cliff Notes version went something like this: "Let's fly to Atlanta. No wait, it's filling up. New York is still pretty open, let's go there. Uhhhh, hurricane is expected to make landfall right there, right when we'd be flying. Maybe not. That means Boston and Newark are also out. How about Detroit? Sure, I'll look up hotel options... Oh, the airline just cancelled east coast flights and sent those people to Detroit on the flight we were planning on, so there is no room for us now. And the Houston flight Monday, the day we planned to leave, is full. But don't worry, there are still 80+ open seats on the Houston flight Tuesday. Ok... but can we reserve please? Please? Please? Fine, fine, but I'm sure the flight will be fine. Oh, wow! Good thing we reserved, since it's all full now! ... told you so!")

... we got on the flight to Houston, out of Paris CDG, and we did finally arrive in the US!

We spent the night in Houston, and our cousins kindly took us out for dinner. Then we got to get up at 4 am to catch the shuttle back to the airport to get flights to Atlanta and then St Louis - and through some miracle, we got on both flights (standby) AND made our 38-minute connection, AND our luggage was actually WAITING for us when we got to the baggage carousel in St Louis.


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