Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Real Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve this year with our friends in the neighborhood, Céline and Christophe. Santa Claus made a special appearance, that unfortunately Christophe missed, as he seems to every year, poor guy.

Noah got the new baby he asked for.

And Benjamin was very excited about his Meccanos (Erector set).

Frédéric was thrilled with his Dr Pepper (my jaw dropped when I saw it at our local closeout store, and of course I couldn't pass it up), and he delighted in his Christmas snails (he doesn't ever seem to get those at our house).

We were both pleased with a nice framed aerial picture of our neighborhood, and Céline and I cracked up when we opened each other's gifts and each found coffee-related presents. I guess it makes sense, since we get together for coffee dates!

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