Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Very Active Imagination

This one is from Noah a few months ago, I just didn't get around to putting it up here...

Noah's been insisting that his loveys (which we call by their French name, doudous, even when we are speaking English) are the ones who talk at night or who are responsible for any sort of mischief we think he is committing.

We tell him that no, he is the one talking, or he is the one causing trouble. Or else we tell him his doudous are not allowed to talk, or *he* will get in trouble.

Noah's doudous, appropriately named Doudou and Doudou's Brother. And yes, he can tell them apart.

Noah replies: Why can't my doudous talk?
Me: Because you will lose playdoh if they talk.
Noah: But *now*, why can't they talk?
Me: Because they will distract you while you eat. You just tell them not to talk.

Noah, to his doudous: You don't talk.
Noah's doudous (in a higher pitched voice): Pourquoi ?
Me: You tell them why.
Noah, to his doudous: You will distract me while I eat.
Noah's doudous (in a higher pitched voice): Pourquoi ?
Noah, to me, in exasperation: They keep saying pourquoi!!

Oh, child. Now you know how *I* feel.

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