Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For some reason, the boys get more excited about this than I do... but we got a light dusting of snow Tuesday. Frédéric was nice enough to wake them up half an hour or so earlier than usual so they could go out and play before school.

It is still that dark out at 8 am. Sigh. I love the long, long, long summer days. I don't like the trade-off of the short, short, short winter days. Especially since they've been so gray lately, we haven't seen the sun in about three weeks.

Gala went outside a little later in the day - she LOVED the snow, maybe even more than the boys do. At least, they weren't rolling around in it and eating it like she was. She loves to run in the yard, off leash - which is nothing if not nerve-wracking for me -- I've never had a dog and a fenced-in yard at the same time, she is a runner, and the yard surrounds the house, so you can't keep an eye on her all the time.

She looks like a rabbit or a goat when she jumps. And she jumps a lot. She is most definitely still a puppy.
Noah built a snowman after lunch (I guess playing in the snow at lunchtime counts as one of the benefits of two-hour-at-home-lunches, at least for them), but he had to fight Gala off, as she tried to attack every big snowball he made.

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